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We are here to help you  turn the ideas in your heart into beautifully written books and make to generate over $10,000 monthly revenue from your book business

Did you know that you can create additional income of at least $10,000 a month from your book busines?

The Elite C Suite

Elite Membership Group

Many entrepreneurs and authors, after coaching programs, often feel swamped with information but lack the execution know-how. They need not just guidance but actual implementation to move forward. The Elite C-Suite coaching program offers more than standard coaching; it's a tailor-made path to ensure tangible growth and break barriers. Specifically for authors, this program shifts their perspective from viewing their books merely as literary works to seeing them as potential business goldmines. The aim is to harness the author's content, transforming it into a sustainable revenue source. With the Elite C-Suite, it's about creating actionable success, transitioning from plans to real-world achievements and forging lasting legacies.

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The VIP Author's Den

Book Marketing School Included

The VIP Author's Den is a private community designed for self-published authors, emphasizing the Bold and Successful Book Business model. It includes a Book Marketing School that offers live monthly classes focusing on book business development and strategic sales planning. The program promises a formula that can help authors leverage their books to earn a six-figure income and guidance on launching successful products or services. Although currently closed and open only once a year, interested individuals can join a waiting list for exclusive access to private events, aiming to help authors earn an extra $10,000 monthly.

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