Our Coaching Programs

We are here to help you  turn the ideas in your heart into beautifully written books and make to generate over $10,000 monthly revenue from your book business.

Welcome to Bold Publishing Coaching Program, where your journey to becoming a published author begins, and where dreams become books that captivate the world. Your story matters, and together, we’ll make it unforgettable.


Writer's Incubator

Are you looking for an ambitious group of aspiring writers and bloggers who meet consistently and support one another? If this sounds like you, then the Writer’s Incubator is for you.

The Author's Den

Let’s Make You A Published Author. So you're about to become an Author, but your not quite there yet?

The Author's Den is a support and mentoring community where Dr. Nicholson takes you on a therapeutic writing journey as you move past your fears of writing your book. In the Author’s Den you’ll go from "I want to write a book, to “my book is written”. You’ll get guided instructions with solid steps on the process of writing, editing, and publishing your very own book.


What People are Saying

“Denise Nicholson is a hidden gem of the literary world. Not only does she work with you to cultivate the vision of your work, she also inspires and motivates you to not only put your best work forward but to be vulnerable and put your soul into the process without ever feeling overwhelmed. Denise took me from not knowing where to begin to publish my work in less than six months. I look forward to working with her again on my next project!. ”
Kristin Brooke
“Working with Denise brought life to my writing. Her gifts helped me create an experience with words that are relatable resulting in touching hearts and impacting lives. Thank you Denise for seeing the bigger picture of my story and transforming it into a masterpiece. I recommend working with Denise. She genuinely cares about you and your story. ”
Lori Bruton
“I just started working with Denise and I am enjoying the process. If you still have that unwritten book inside of you just waiting to get out and get published, contact Denise ASAP”
“Guys, I’m a witness to the wonderful work of Ms. Denise. She really does have a gift for helping. And she is a devoted woman of God! It’s a no brainer if you’re thinking about writing a book. If you are thinking about writing a book and you don’t have the proper resources, you found the right one, Join the Author’s Den, Denise is awesome”
"I have been working with Denise or rather she has been doing a great job guiding me on my first book. She has a nice spirit and a gift as an accountability partner for your book writing journey"
Shirley Brown
“Another fan of Denise in the house! We connected from day one and she’s making the book writing process not only manageable, but pleasurable. We meet every week and that is what has made the big difference for me. I am so glad I found her”
Ene Obi
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