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We are here to help you  turn the ideas in your heart into beautifully written books.

Are you looking for an ambitious group of aspiring writers and bloggers who meet consistently and support one another? Do you enjoy small-group discussions where you can be candid about the challenges you face as you create your story? If this sounds like you, then the Writer’s Incubator is for you.


Community for Aspiring Authors

The Writer’s Incubator is an intimate community for aspiring Authors that will get you and your story into shape and on track. This community is open to motivated storytellers, who are invested in getting their voices heard by creating and publishing their very own book; your legacy.

You’ll experience growth as a writer, creating new relationships with other kindred spirits, tap into new areas of your creativity and so much more…

Why You Should Join

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Join The Writing Incubator Challenge

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Editing Service Plan

Our professional book editing services are designed to elevate your writing to the next level.

Up to 20,000 words


20,000 to 50,000 words


50,000 to 100,000 words


Our Approach

Here at BOLD publishing, we take you from concept to published author. We help you get RESULTS once you commit. Commitment is the difference between successful people and people who make a wish. I know you have accomplished many goals before and made your dreams come true. So, here’s to another one—your published book.

Concept to Published Author

We are ready to help you reach your goal of becoming a published author!

  1. Join The Writing Incubator Challenge.
  2. Attend the weekly meetings with like-minded authors or catch the recordings on the website at your convenience.
  3. Define your magical message
  4. Create a magical outline that will take you to the end of your manuscript with ease.
  5. Get your manuscript reviewed before completion. (Fourth chapter)
  1. WRITE system; We will use the acronym WRITE to help stay focused during these 90 days.
  2. W- Weekly meetings; this will keep you accountable.
  3. R- Research to strengthen the specificity of your writing.
  4. I- Include the tips for writing specifically to your genre. (Phase I/week 3)
  5. T- Think reader first, second, last, and always when writing
  6. E- Editing is everything, but it’s the next phase, so keep writing.
  7. Complete your manuscript in 90 days.
  8. Become a VIP if you need consistent 1:1 assistance.
  1. Email me your completed manuscript.
  2. Manuscript assessed and priced.
  3. You get a book design form and a contract/ agreement.
  4. Complete and return the book design form.
  5. Read, sign, and return your publishing contract. (book cost will be included here)
  6. Professional editing begins.
  1. We work together to create your marketing strategy.
  2. Discuss website readiness and other essential marketing tools.
  1. Designing your book cover.
  2. Layout, format, and design your book.
  3. Line editing.
  4. Regular Zoom meetings to review the process.
  5. Setting up your compensation from the global distribution and book sales.
  6. You birth your book.
  7. Please send us a video testimonial.

First and foremost, join The Writing Incubator Challenge. Click this button below to pay $997.99 and join now as this discounted OFFER IS AVAILABLE ONLY TODAY.


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