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This is your opportunity to share your story with the world and have your message heard in the way you desire!

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Bold Publishing is excited to announce that we will offer a new online training for our upcoming speakers. This training will be held once a week via Zoom.

Bold speakers academy

Confidence is king, and content is Queen

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then this is your opportunity to share your story with the world and have your message heard in the way you desire. By sharing your story, you have the power to transform thousands of lives while also potentially earning a six-figure income. Take that BOLD step towards becoming a confident and influential speaker today!

What's in the Training Package

Bold Speakers Academy speaker training class aims to develop the skills and techniques to help speakers deliver successful and engaging presentations

Learn Public Speaking Techniques

Valued at $2,500

This would include techniques to improve your body language, tone, pace, and voice projection to keep your audience engaged.

Learn How to Prepare and Plan Your Presentation

Valued at $1,900

This topic includes preparing for a speech or presentation, structuring your content effectively, and creating an engaging experience.

Get the Audience Analysis Formula

Valued at $2,999

Understanding your audience's demographics, interests, and needs is crucial to delivering a successful presentation.

Managing Nervousness

Valued at $1,500

Many people feel nervous or anxious while giving a speech or presentation, so it's essential to learn techniques to manage nervousness and stay calm.

Handling Q&A Sessions

Valued at $999

This would include strategies to handle difficult questions, keep the audience engaged, and provide satisfactory answers.

Learn the art of Storytelling

Valued at $2,500

Storytelling effectively engages your audience and conveys your message engagingly and memorably.

Technology and Tools

Valued at $1,750

A well-presented and designed speaker package will enhance your reputation before you get in the room.

Ethical Considerations


Understanding the ethical considerations and responsibilities of a speaker, including avoiding plagiarism, respecting diversity, and maintaining confidentiality.


This package is worth over $14,148

Start Today With One Time Payment Of

ONLY $1,999

Or Make Five Payments Of $512.

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